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Web Apps

Web Apps or custom widgets provide powerful advanced functionality to a website web similar but different information is to be displayed. Web Apps can also provide summary and detailed view of the information.

Web Apps could be used for

  • Staff profiles
  • Projects and Portfolio presentation
  • Member Directories
  • Franchise or Agent pages
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Training Course Information

The Web Apps framework provides a powerfully simple way to build basic web applications using a point and click approach. From paid to list, or free to list real estate listings to business directories, portfolio profiles or job listings etc. With Web Apps you can define mini-databases of “items” and allows users to add new items via an intuitive interface. What could you use web apps for is up to your imagination, let me know if you would like to discuss using web apps in your business processes. 

Web apps can be External Customer created 24/7 and can be free to create or Paid to submit With a expiry date if required, eg a membership directory. Pay to submit Web Apps require Seamless Payment Gateway for payment processing.

Benefits - rapid creation of content using common data fields and display with uniform and consistent layout with optional mandatory fields and content.