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Responsive Site Design

A Responsive website is also referred to as a Mobile Friendly website. Google search results consider if a site is mobile responsive because mobile devices now comprise large percentage of site access by visitors. Google determine that the site visitor experience should include ease of navigation and clear usability.Example of responsive website on multiple devices

Some site owners say that there site displays on a mobile phone, however that is different to being mobile responsive. A site may in fact be displayed, but on closer inspection it may require the viewer to expand and pinch the screen to enlarge the display to view the material shown. Therefore Google rightfully considers that to be a unreasonable user experience and may favour a mobile responsive websites in the search results over a PC only website design.

An option of some site owners and designers is to have two  websites (one being Computer Users, the other Smart Phone Users). The two website option has numerous disadvantages including duplication, increased maintenance and Google indexing issues and synchronized bookmarking and sharing on social media. Miniscule contact forms and eCommerce is a major obstacle to a user experience if a site is not mobile friendly.

Advantages of responsive design is; only one website needs to be maintained, Google recognition and most importantly highest quality user experience and link sharing is straightforward. Most site visitors favour mobile responsive sites once they discover the difference. A responsive website should also respond favourably to the landscape or portrait device orientation preference of the site visitor.

A responsive site also ensures your site and eCommerce functions act according to your expectations on a visitor screen. The use of mobile devices is reported to have eclipsed the use of computer based web browsing and will continue to dominate usage  and buyer considerations. 

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