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Ace Business Catalyst Intro

How amazing is it that we all have the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, and yet we’re completely overwhelmed and struggling to keep pace with the changing information in our field or industry?

Are you looking for a way to take back control and claim your place online before you're left behind?

Helping small business owners get a grip on being setup correctly, with the right tools and systems in place for online business success is the first step of the services I offer.  A free strategy session can fast track you to being set up correctly, Arrange Your Free Strategy Session Now

An online business is similar to a highrise building, it requires strong foundations, solid long term structure and maintenance, well designed robust engine room, lifts and navigation systems, security, utilities and waste management, reliable communication and connectivity and management facilities that include the following components, and discover why some residents want the Penthouses, but first check out this short video: 

What's The David Stuckman Story?

Robust Scalable Hosting Service

  • Protects your data integrity and from physical and digital attack and disruption outages
  • Scalable hosting allows you to grow without having to upgrade or relocate which interrupts your service, can be expensive to relocate and resume services regardless of the downtime that would create to rebuild onto new system
  • Confidence that your site would be available and visible to audience regardless of you or a neighboring website site getting massive traffic, eg being featured on TV
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Ace Business Catalyst - Dashboard menu

Secure Smooth Flow Shopping System

  • Customers have confidence via integrated SSL providing encrypted shopping checkout
  • Inbuilt up to date PCI compliance ensures you don't need to worry about your responsibility in compliance with handling of customer credit card data
  • Product Categories / Classifications
  • Simple step checkout and Payment options
  • Promo / Discount Codes
  • Gift Voucher
  • Shipping and Tax options
  • Order and Customer reporting and segmentation
  • Upsell / Cross-sell
  • Inventory Control
  • Wholesale and Retail Pricing
  • Onsale Pricing Options
  • Product options / Attributes
  • Scheduling Release and Limited Time Options
  • Recurring Payments Cycles
  • Featured / Product Display
  • Images and detail images
  • Digital Download and Physical Product options
  • Affiliate Manager
  • Advanced SEO Manager to Google ready your products listing
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Content Management System - Google loves updates

  • Modification of content ensures accurate relevant Google search results to bring in prospects to your site
  • Advanced scheduling allows the automatic timed release and expiration to manage availability, limits and marketing campaigns
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Customer Relationship Management Database

  • nurture customers and build strong ongoing connections
  • maintain customer records and notes relating to orders and interactions
  • segment and target customers to define specific marketing campaigns
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Easy & Intuitive Navigation Menus and Search Tools

  • Empowering your site visitors to rapidly locate what they are seeking and create sales opportunities before they go elsewhere
  • Powerful linking your content enhances Google search results
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Communicate 24/7 with Auto-Responders & Lists

  • Pre-configure prospect enquiries with marketing follow-ups to create sales funnels
  • Stay connect to existing customers with pre-programmed anniversary campaigns
  • Filter and regulate offers to customer database and focused marketing
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Search Engine Optimization Using Intelligent Management Tools

  • Smart automatic submissions to Google to maintain accurate listings and relevance
  • Management of SEO across all major assets within the your site to increase search results with internal and external search
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Social Media Integration

  • no need to fuss around with plugins and code
  • just fill in your desired social media links to connect likes counts feeds and more
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Advanced Marketing Using Video and Audio

  • Media installation and access control with usage reporting
  • Access options providing public and private member options
  • Sell digital products and manage access to demonstration material
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Reporting with Analytic and Tracking tools

  • Understand source of site visitors to maximize marketing strategies
  • analyze sales and promotional activities to measure and monitor ROI
  • Everything you need to monitor, measure, and improve your business
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Frequently Asked Questions Administration

  • Ability to add FAQ's anywhere applicable across your site
  • Schedule release display of FAQ styled information
  • Classify FAQ's into groups
  • Feedback options to measure visitor opinions  
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Event Booking Manager System

Image and Photo Gallery Presentation Manager

Training and Support Systems and Options

News Management Integration

Blog System

  • Intersperse blog posts into general site content to maximize context.
  • Multiple Blogs by category and subject groups as necessary 
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