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Autoresponders & Lists

Just as a writer or a singer has equipment and tools that are essential to their delivery of their message, there are several components and tools which are essential to an efficient online business success. An autoresponder is one of them and it is easy to use and setup.

An autoresponder is an email mailing list tool that allows people to subscribe to your list (or newsletter) and then sends them email messages after a planned period of time that you setup delivery dates and times for. You could, for example, create 26 messages and set them to go to each of your subscribers each fortnight. That way, whenever a visitor, customer, client, prospect etc subscribes to your mailing list you will have a full year of communication with them, all on autopilot.

An autoresponder can also be used to deliver period time relevant messages and announcements to subscribers.

Your autoresponder should be like an online valet – welcoming your new customers and beckoning them to view your other products and services. Or you may be educating and nurturing them through a learning program of a specific number of module releases over a set period, regardless of the date they join.

Just because you can send people marketing emails doesn’t necessarily mean you should – so don’t go bombarding your subscribers every other day with sales pitches and hype. They’ll end up thinking you are desperate for their business and unsubscribe from your mailing list. Remember that they have valuable time and you must be delivering value to them with each delivery to their inbox.

Space your emails out over a reasonable period of time. Perhaps one message every week or two. Deliver useful, original content. No-one wants to feel like they are being sold to all the time so you should be demonstrating your own knowledge and expertise by sharing that knowledge with your readers rather than trying to treat them like some kind of money tree.

Subscribers can update their contact information or remove their subscription from particular lists, or unsubscribe all.

At Ace Business Catalyst we use Adobe Business Catalyst inbuilt for our autoresponder. It’s a tried and proved solid service that has been in operation for almost a decade and is available as part of the All-in-one online business system, or as an add on to an external web service.