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Site Notice - Checkout Process

Checkout Process - Ace Marcomms

Effective and Last Updated: 10 November 2014

When you access our site and locate a product or service you wish to purchase:

  1. select any applicable options or attributes
  2. add the item to your shopping basket (Cart) - either continue to shop or go to order review
  3. check your listed items are correct
  4. enter any Discount Coupon code and or Gift Voucher code, then click update
  5. select appropriate shipping option if requested
  6. check order totals displayed, if ok select Proceed to Checkout
  7. Enter your details - all orders are associated with a unique case and order associated with the the an email address specified, there is no guest sales option
  8. When all fields are completed submit your order
  9. The Payment will be processed and a success / failed screen will be displayed
  10. If you are using a public internet computer kiosk, ensure you close the browser before you leave the device.

You will receive emails confirming your purchase, please check spam / junk folders if you do not see your email receipts. If you have any questions relating to your purchase please contact us.