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Rescue+ Packages

About Rescue+ Packages

The one thing that never changes about the internet is "it is always changing". As a small business owner you probably already know it is hard to keep up and learn best practices. Many business owners look at Return on Investment (ROI) and that is smart.

Another very important point that is frequently over looked or not understood is Left On Table Sales (LOTS).

Let me clarify with an example, you have a customer base that buys from you, however there is a big market and many other potential customers are not able to buy from you due to obstacles that you block them with. They may be physical obstacles, or virtual. Regardless of specific reason those LOTS represent sales that you could have had, but could not be made.

An example could be a business that has a website, but the website is only easy to use on a computer, thereby blocking possible sales to customers who are ready to buy and use a mobile device to find a product or service "NOW". Read more about responsive mobile friendly website design here

The Rescue+ Packages are available in 3 Groups

  1. Rescue+ DFU  - Done For You - requires minimal participation and knowledge by business owner.
  2. Rescue+ DWU - Do With You - variable training and help, and can be dependent on preexisting skill levels
  3. Rescue+ DIY  - Do It Yourself - painting by numbers and use of self paced learning using knowledge base manuals, Wiki, and video tutorials

Contact me for a no obligation consultation as to what may be your best fit for your goals, time-frame, skill level and resources

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